NEO2 Software Review

NEO2 Software Review!

A true innovation service, presented to us by some of the most influential people in binary options industry!


Neo2 Software is the very first weather forecasting, automated trading system. The trading system is extremely easy to operate, free for registration and can be used by anyone. During the first beta testing period The NEO2 Square proved astonishing results up to 85% success rate. Estimated profits where between $1500 and $5000 per week! The results where verified by several third party authorities! Make sure to read the whole review, it will answer all the questions you have at this point!

Neo2 software Review THE neo software

NEO2 Software Review! The Truth, why this system is so powerful!


As we mentioned in the introductory part the people behind this software are extremely serious. Officially The NEO2 Square is developed by three people: Dr. Jack Piers PhD, Michael Freeman, and Amit Gupta.

Jack Piers is weather enthusiast from his early age. He is consumed by weather behavior and how the climate correlates with the price fluctuation on the online markets. He found that sun eruptions and the following climate changes critically affect the charts especially commodities and all connected assets. During his early carrier as former employee at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) he developed a Solar Tracking Matrix. Basically an algorithm which gathers and analyses the weather behavior true satellites usage. He found that the analyzed data was giving proper prediction of the next commodities market swings weeks ahead. Knowing that in advantage he started to develop the NEO2 Software. Truth is that Jack is obsessed by weather forecasting he is no programmer or trading specialist! That’s why he wanted to buy an auto trading algorithm, which he can link to his tracking matrix. Failing to find a working solution he approached Michael Freeman for help.

Michael Freeman is the most well-known binary options trader, financial analyst and software developer. He owns several education blogs, the biggest trading oriented YouTube channel and very large Facebook trading group. After short meeting between them, they realized the vast potential and immediately gave a go to the NEO2 Square project. Merging the Jack’s Solar Tracking Matrix with the cutting edge binary options technology was a clever idea. That’s how they will create the first ever fully automated climate forecaster trading system.

Approved by M. Freeman:

the NEO2 Software Scam

Weather prediction trading methods are not something new. They are considered as the core element in spotting the emerging trends! But The NEO2 Software is the first fully automated system that requires no human presence to execute the trades.

Michael Freeman has the knowledge the data and the capability to sync Jacks algorithm to what’s referred in the video as “Super Computers”! Using the raw data and trading algorithms to detect financial activities in order to generate powerful trades. In the NEO2 Software case we clearly have something even more powerful in the capability of detecting commoditie trends weeks in advance!

There was only one more problem to solve. Someone need to actually connect the two systems and make a user friendly platform from where they can be operated.

Here is the time to say few words about the NEO2 Square, Lead Programmer – Amit Gupta.

His task was extremely Simple to explain and extremely hard to achieve! He must connect the two systems. The Tracking solar matrix from Jack and the Mike’s Cutting edge binary algorithm! After that he must create user friendly web-based platform that can be used by people without tech experience. Two months, was what it took the development team to create the NEO2 APP 3 click simple to use platform! Eventually the result is amazing, anyone above 18 who can open his email can use the system.

  1. Activate the Solar Tracker! Click on Neo Sync!
  2. Connect the Auto Trader! Push on the Trade Algo button!
  3. When the two yellow lights are on just start the trading system!

Buy NEO2 for Free: NEO2.CO

the neo2 software trading app

That’s it, everything else will be done on complete autopilot from the NEO2 Software!

The combination of those three sophisticated minds is what separates The NEO2 Square from the other binary options robots.

NEO2 Software Review: Capability, Endorsements and Pricing!


The initial beta testing period was amazing. The system is winning 8 of every 10 trades. One of the very first men who have the chance to test the service is William Van Loon. After the confirmed the remarkable results he immediately backed up The NEO2 Software, becoming the Chief Financial Officer. Or with simple word the investor! The goal is to launch NEO2 Software on

Kick Starters is probably the world’s biggest funding platform! Used by millions of people all around the globe to fund and create community for their creative work.

Before that happens Van Loon and Freeman are coordinating a free focus group. During that period every registration with NEO2 Software will be free. After the beta group finishes the price of The NEO2 Square will be $7900! All registration made during the focus group will keep their lifetime free license!

All results were confirmed by Wired, Cnet, Techcrunch and Mike’s FB group, which by the way has more than 6000 members!

Regarding the endorsements, The NEO2 Software is the most well endorsed binary options trading system! We speak about the entire history of the industry. There is not a single social media negative review on the web. The www is flooded by success stories from real traders making money with The NEO2 Square.

There are lots of special endorsements like the one form the amazing Jasse Heiman. He was the guy who kissed the top model Bar Rafaeli in the goDaddy’s Super Bowl Commercial back in 2013. Describing the NEO2 System as the best tech release in 2016.


Short Summary!
Price?: FREE
Possible Scam?: 1%

Auto-Trader?: Yes
Experience requirement?: 0%
False Content?: 0%
Authentic?: Yes
Verified Profits: Yes
Devices Availability: All (PC, Tablets, Mobile)

NEO2 Software Review! Summary!

The official website contains no gimmicks. No limitation of spots or any lousy pushing tactics. You won’t hear nay unrealistic or crazy statements during the presentation video. You won’t find any lies or anything repelling or deceptive! All those tricks are familiar to us from all those pathetic scams who stalk the new comers to binary options! The NEO2 Software has nothing in common with those schemes. NEO2 System is legit very promising and real money making opportunity. Well you can’t become millionaire like all the louse scams promise! You saw the confirmed results from $1500 to $5000 is what can be made with NEO2 APP per week! Actually that’s pretty good result.


Neo2 software scam review